Getting your Unifi Router Failover working

By |November 1, 2022|Categories: Ubiquiti|

One of my Unifi Gateways, a USG-Pro-4, is located in a house where the internet can go out in a storm. Since the internet is provided by Comcast, and it's just "household grade", there's not much I can complain about. But we've all experienced an outage just when you need it the most. My traditional way of dealing with this is yelling around the house, "Internet is out - everyone go on your hot spots". Typically it's back online in an hour or so, and then I have to make sure everyone has switched back over to the house WiFi. [...]

Unifi Console sees existing Devices as offline

By |October 31, 2022|Categories: Ubiquiti|

With seemingly no changes, my network had a bad start to the day. Devices just started dropping off the Console, but the network was fully functioning. While not an emergency, as there wasn't a network outage, I was "blind" as the Console wasn't showing Devices, except for the USG4Pro itself and a few Clients. I waited for a good time (is there ever a good time), and I rebooted my USG4Pro, but this only had the situation worse as now nothing was showing up in the Console, and the connection to the 'net stopped. Now this was an emergency. I [...]

Why choose Zabbix?

By |October 11, 2022|Categories: Zabbix|

If your network is complex enough to manage, you want to choose a solid monitoring tool. I like to look at these criteria when evaluating monitoring solutions: It's not difficult to set up. It doesn't have to be easy, but I don't want a setup that's so complex it makes me dread the task. Consistently presents me with easy to consume data that's normally a bother to get on my own. Flexible when my needs change, and if there's anything I've learned as an Admin, get ready for change. Has an active development cycle with a robust user community. Before [...]

Monitor a Mac’s TimeMachine backups

By |October 1, 2022|Categories: Zabbix|

If your supporting Mac's in your environment, you probably have come across TimeMachine, Apple's answer to backups to a local disk or NAS. While configuring TimeMachine on a Mac is very easy, and good Admin wants to keep track that these backups are actually being run on a regular basis. The problem with this is that Apple doesn't give you a way to easily monitor this. But I went digging, and found a way. TimeMachine does have a utility installed on the Mac, and you can get some data from it into Zabbix, but it's not enough to be really [...]

AWS Throttles Its Customers

By |September 1, 2022|Categories: AWS|

I've been working with large files for a few years now. These zip files are normally over a gigabyte and can easily go into the 50-100 gigabyte range. They contain data that can only be compressed to about 50%, so there's no way to make them much smaller - they are what they are. These files need to be uploaded from the field and processed in the cloud, and I've chosen AWS to do the storage via S3 and the processing via EC2. While we've been generally pleased with each, we have seen that AWS throttles data to and [...]

Tuning MySQL’s Innodb for Smaller Sites

By |August 1, 2022|Categories: MySQL|

Scour the 'net for how to reduce your MySQL server footprint, and you won't find much. Everyone seems to want to beef up its settings, and I've been one of them. When you have a server cluster taking thousands of requests per second, the battle cry is often for more RAM to aid in caching data. But for smaller sites, like a neighborhood hiking club, you will have a very different server setup. Smaller sites will be run on smaller servers with smaller resources. With a server that's only got 4GB of RAM, every megabyte matters. Like any good household [...]

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